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We are taking a balanced and calm approach to this COVID-19 Pandemic, and will remain ready to make changes as this situation develops. We will communicate new or modified decisions to you as soon as possible as they happen….


We thank you for your cooperation. We know that not everyone will be affected dramatically, but we must do as much as we can to keep those that would be, safe and well.


As we learn more, we have been posting to social media sites, Facebook and LinkedIn.


We remain committed to keeping track of resources and best practices to receive support from all angles. We are happy to help anyone navigate options and connect with support. We have strong ties with community supports and partners, as well as in the local area. No matter the need, ask.


We feel strongly about respecting the protocols in place for the health of everyone, everywhere.


We remain committed to the highest levels of service to you. We are fortunate that a good portion of our supports are easily delivered by alternate means (digitally through Zoom or Skype or similar outlets, as well as telephone calls, text messages, email and regular letter mail and courier options).


Effective March 20, 2020 we have also locked our doors so that we may limit the exposure and protocol breaches to the absolute minimum. If it is not an emergency and absolutely necessary to be in our office, please respect the protocols recommended by our health experts and do not physically come in. Should an in-person meeting be necessary, we have procedures to ensure the safety of all parties and will review such with you before the meeting to ensure your understanding and cooperation. 


While one of the best ways we can serve the public at present is to file tax returns to get the refunds (when applicable) on the way, there are many approaches to accomplish this rather than in person with us at the office. For further information, please be sure to reach out for details.

If we contract the virus, we will be home in bed under quarantine and our usefulness will dwindle.

Thanks so much.