We can support your bookkeeping needs,
no matter your size!

We serve Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors…
We also love work with Not for Profit Corporations and Trusts

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly bookkeeping solutions to meet your needs.

      • Entry & Reconciliation Services
      • HST Returns
      • WSIB Returns
      • Fuel Tax Returns
      • Representative Services with CRA on your behalf
      • Period End Reports to suit your needs
      • Paperwork Pickup, Drop-off, Sorting and Classifications
      • Examination & Audit Screenings & Preparations
      • CRA Payroll Examinations & Audits
      • WSIB Examinations & Audits
      • Complete Bookkeeping Evaluations and Set-Up Services
      • Accounts Payable Support
      • Accounts Receivable Support
      • Forensic Bookkeeping
      • Review & Analysis Support
  • On Site Solutions

  • Off Site Solutions

We keep ourselves up to date on government programs and contacts to help you offset payroll costs!

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Christie has had an obvious positive impact on our finance department. She is cheerful, knowledgeable and very capable of performing the tasks we have required. I expect Christie will be part of our team for a very long time.

Brandon Jewitt

General Manager, On the Water Designs